Life photo album
Pictures of Augustin Dokolo Sanu’s life
Hereunder, you will find pictures that illustrate Augustin Dokolo Sanu’s life, his work within the Bank of Kinshasa as well as photos of his family.
Augustin Dokolo Sanu
in 1945
Augustin Dokolo Sanu in his youth
Augustin Dokolo Sanu
M. Dokolo
M. Dokolo
M. Dokolo in his office
M. Dokolo in a meeting in BK
Building of the BK headquarters
BK headquarters
BK branch Gbadolite
BK branch in Lubumbashi
BK cashier desks
BK branch in Kisangani
BK of the Nation’s Palace
IT room at BK headquarters
BK sign
Advertising bill for BK in Beni
BK sign at Beni
BK social medical center
Paediatrics in the BK social medical centre
Prize distribution
M. Dokolo and his colleagues
M. Dokolo in his residence
M. Dokolo and his mother.
The Dokolo family
M. Dokolo and his wife  Hanne Dokolo
M. Dokolo, his wife and their grand daughter.
The Dokolo Family
Luzolo, Sindika and Mazanza withe M. Dokolo
M. Dokolo with his sons Sindika and Luzolo
The Dokolo family