The Dokolo Family
Hanne Dokolo
“Despite the difficulties we have been through since 1985, our family has remained close and happy.”
Hanne Dokolo
Hanne Dokolo arrived in the Congo in 1966 from Denmark to supervise the Danish Red Cross dispensary. For four years, her action along with that of her colleagues enabled the training of midwifes and anaesthetist nurses. She married Augustin Dokolo in 1968 and gave birth to three children. She brought up her children, as well as the two children M. Dokolo had from a previous marriage, in the Congo, Belgium and France. Sharing her husband’s vision, Hanne Dokolo was committed to social and humanitarian relief. When her husband died in 2001, she decided to stay in the Congo and take in hand the management of the family businesses with the help and support of her children. She devoted herself more intensely to humanitarian causes and was named General Honorary Consul of Norway to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Today she still pursues and defends the moral inheritance left by her husband. She has spread his vision of the Congo by republishing his work Telema Congo that compiles texts and conferences given between 1960 and 1965 and the message of which remains astoundingly pertinent.
Sindika Dokolo
Sindika Dokolo was born the 16th May 1972 in Kinshasa, Zaire. He was brought up in Belgium and in France by his parents along with his two sisters and brother. Sindika Dokolo attended the Lycée Saint Louis de Gonzague (Paris) from which he graduated. He then studied economics, commerce and foreign languages at the Pierre et Marie Curie University of Paris VI. Initiated by his father, Sindika Dokolo started an art collection when he was 15. He decided to leave France in 1995 to join his father in the Congo and be introduced to the large family business. Sindika and his father stayed while everyone was leaving the country. They pursued their investments and their efforts to develop the Congo. The country collapsed and their activity couldn’t survive. Augustin Dokolo died in 2001 and Sindika took in hand the family business. He now lives in Luanda, Angola with his wife and children. His Congolese business is flourishing and Sindika remains a patriotic Congolese. He often spends time in Kinshasa where he runs the family business.
His main activities are:
‣ Dokolo business and real estate management in the Congo
‣ Nova Cimangola administrator
‣ Amorim Energy (33% of GALP) administrator
‣ Owner of Soklinker: PVC industries/ Distribution/ Ciment
‣ Owner of Amigotel.
‣ Head of the Sindika Dokolo Foundation and editor of the Uanga review.